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What To Do After Storm Damage

House with Storm DamageEvery summer in Minnesota comes with storms and many homes get impacted by hail, wind, rain, tree damage, and other debris. But even if you’ve been fortunate enough to avoid these damages, others have had substantial damage to their homes or businesses.

What Do I Do After My Home Is Damaged By A Storm?

If you’ve had storm damage, you’ll probably need to hire a contractor to repair your roof and siding. However, if you’ve had storm damage so severe that you need emergency services, you’ll need to contact a mitigation and restoration company as soon as possible.

At UNGERMAN, we’ve provided emergency storm damage services to homes and businesses for a long time. There are certain kinds of situations that need immediate mitigation, which include:

Extreme exterior damage happens when wind and hail break your windows or doors, strip your siding, or put holes in your roof. If openings have been compromised, they’ll need to be secured and weather-protected to prevent further damage. If your roof has been battered to the point where it’s leaking or worse, you need a temporary roof cover to prevent further water intrusion.

Flooding can happen if the roof is leaking or the rain is so relentless that the sump pump system can’t keep up. To mitigate this problem immediately and avoid further damage, specialized equipment is necessary to remove water from hard surfaces and carpeting.

Obstructive debris can include large tree branches falling on your roof or garage or falling in a place that interferes with your daily life. It could also include damaged structural elements and shattered glass from windows. Whatever the type of debris, it needs to be removed or contained in a dumpster to maintain the safety of your property and your family.

Destroyed Electrical Masts. Losing power is bad enough, but it’s even worse when your electrical mast has been severely damaged. A certified electrician is required to repair or replace your electrical masts so your power can be restored.

If You Need Emergency Storm Damage Services, We Can Help

UNGERMAN is available 24/7/365 to help with your emergency property damage. Emergency situations are our specialty, and our qualified teams are committed to the safety of everyone involved.

Our crews will be dispatched immediately for mitigation and to clean up and ensure that the property remains safe immediately after wind, water, hail, flood, or other disasters.

Whether you are a homeowner, business owner, or property manager, we can assist you through every step of the reconstruction process.


UNGERMAN is a family-owned company providing full-service mitigation, restoration, reconstruction, and renovation. Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality of dependable services while carefully managing costs.

We will provide accurate estimates, clear communication, and efficient completion of necessary mitigation and repairs in order to complete projects successfully. Through this process, we will build a solid relationship between the customer, insurance company, and UNGERMAN.

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