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5 Mitigation And Restoration Services We Provide For Commercial Properties

Picture of a Commercial Building with Storm Damage

Running a business or organization is stressful when everything goes right, let alone when things go wrong. Things can happen that are completely out of your control, like extreme weather conditions and accidental human error. It only takes one incident to cause significant damage to a commercial property.

As a preferred contractor for commercial insurance carriers, our company provides emergency mitigation response and complete restoration and reconstruction services for commercial disasters due to water, fire, storm, vandalism, and more. We have helped organizations with the following and more:

Commercial Mitigation, Restoration, & Renovation

1) Flood & Water Damage: Water Extraction & Drying, Mold Remediation

Flooding is common in the springtime if weather ingredients converge. Beyond snowmelt or heavy rains, flooding can occur due to burst pipes and a variety of other reasons. Whatever the cause, we can extract the water and provide expert drying services for your facility. We’re also experts in mold remediation and can ensure complete mold elimination should previous water damage have caused this to occur.

2) Fire & Smoke Damage: Cleaning, Deodorization, & More

Faulty electronics, damaged wiring, and even manufacturing equipment can defect and lead to a fire incident. It’s a lot of work to clean up fire and smoke damage, and there are many steps you need to take to get your business back to normal.

3) Emergency Power & Lighting, Board-up, and Temporary Roofing

Water, fire, and even storms can cause a need for emergency temporary services. Wind and lightning can knock out power to your business, severely damage the roof, and even break windows. Fire can create penetrating holes in the structure, while water can lead to power failures.  Problems like these could lead to serious financial or liability issues. Our teams can react to provide emergency needs to stabilize your building while other restoration plans are being implemented.

4) Electronic Restoration/Data Recovery & Document, Book, Art Restoration

Businesses and organizations have sensitive data and invaluable items in their possession. Retail outlets have important customer information, museums have precious art pieces, libraries are filled with classic literature and irreplaceable documents, and businesses have specific computers they need in order to provide their services. If items like these are damaged or “lost” in any way, we have specialists who can step in and salvage and restore many of these items.

5) Reconstruction & Remodeling: Time & Material Estimating, Project Management & Consulting

Often times damage from water, fire, or storms leave a structure needing repair. In any situation, we have the resources to provide consulting services, line item estimating, time and material estimates, and complete project management.


These are only some of the services we offer commercial entities. UNGERMAN is a family-owned company providing full-service mitigation, restoration, reconstruction, and renovation. Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality of dependable services while carefully managing costs. We will provide accurate estimates, clear communication, and efficient completion of necessary mitigation and repairs in order to complete projects successfully. Through this process, we will build a solid relationship between the customer, insurance company, and UNGERMAN.

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