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How Ungerman Is Operating During COVID-19

Ungerman is still open for business and handling commercial and residential mitigation, restoration, and renovation along with specialty cleanup and disinfection services. But we’re also taking COVID-19 very seriously. It’s a dangerous, highly contagious virus and we want everyone to be safe.

Proper protocols and communication are important in stopping the spread of COVID-19. Here is what we’re doing to make sure our employees and customers remain healthy.

Protective Equipment Protocol

1) Gloves are ALWAYS worn when entering homes or touching surfaces that others have touched.

2) Masks are used when meeting clients, adjustors, in stores, and working close to others.

3) Disinfecting spray bottles and paper towels. Our team wipes everything down before they start working and before they leave every day.

4) Hand sanitizer or wipes are utilized if no sink is available on a job site. We are trying to get sinks at all job sites, but may not be able to do this 100%.

Employee Hygiene Requirements

Our crews must follow these rules during a workday:

1) Wash their hands frequently, sneeze and cough into their arms, notify their supervisor immediately if they’re feeling ill, and stay home if they’re sick.

2) Give careful attention to the toilet and hand cleaning facilities. All team members must wipe down before using a homeowner’s bathroom and wipe down before leaving a homeowner’s bathroom.

3) Emphasize the cleaning of any frequently touched surfaces, including any tools or equipment that might be shared by workers.

4) Observe social distancing and put 6 feet between individuals at a job site.

3 Ways We’ll Communicate With Clients Before Arriving at a Job Site

1) All Estimators and Project Managers will decide if work will continue at our job sites during the “Stay-At-Home” Order.

We will be asking these questions before sending field staff and subcontractors into any occupied home

If a customer answers “yes” to any of these questions, we will not site inspect, start work, or send subs or team members into these homes for 14 days.

2) Set the expectation of 6-foot social distancing for occupied homes:

3) Post signs on windows or doors at all job sites when working there (vacant or occupied).

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UNGERMAN has the proper certification, training, and vast experience to assess and solve your problems with the highest quality. We are a one-stop-shop that offers our residential and commercial customers a helping hand and the best restoration, reconstruction, and renovation methods we’ve learned from over 40 years in the business. We are prepared to expediently, competently, and expertly conduct a damage assessment, mitigation, and restoration.

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