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5 Signs of Snow-Related Damage To Your Roof

Picture of a person standing in Minneapolis as snow falls.Tired of the snow yet? Same here. Unfortunately, snow is a major part of life in Minnesota and we probably have a lot more on the way. Who knows, we might not even see green grass again until April or May!

Some winters feature more snow than others, but these past two years have given us heavy amounts. For businesses and property owners, this can be problematic for many reasons, but one of the biggest issues is roof damage.

Damage to your roof can lead to bigger problems and can have serious consequences. According to the FEMA Snow Load Safety Guide, here are some signs to look for to determine if your roof is overstressed from snow:

1) Parts of your ceiling (Including the sprinkler system) are sagging or falling out of place

2) Concerning noises (for example, popping and cracking)

3) Doors and windows are harder to open and close, or they can’t be opened or closed at all

4) The walls and foundation have become cracked or damaged in another way

5) Leaking has started or has been getting worse, with possible accumulation

These are only a few things you’ll notice if your roof is damaged, but there’s a lot more that may be happening. If you experience snow-related water or structural damage, you’ll need the help of an experienced mitigation and restoration company.


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