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DIY Plumbing Tips to Prevent Water Damage

Water Damaged Living Room with Red Couch

For many homeowners, the home plumbing system isn’t always on top of mind. It’s just something that’s expected to function properly and work quietly in the background…But then it breaks.

Pipes, valves, fixtures, it doesn’t matter—if something goes wrong with any of these things, it could create a nasty mess and possibly water damage. Luckily, many plumbing issues can be prevented with these simple at-home maintenance tips:

4 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe From Water Damage

Sometimes water damage can cost thousands of dollars to repair. If you have a standard homeowner’s insurance policy, you should be covered for damage that comes from the top and travels down, such as burst pipes/sprinklers and rainfall. But if you want to do what you can to avoid using the insurance, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1) Stop water seepage in your basement by resealing foundational cracks, diverting water drainage away from the house, and installing backwater valves to prevent sewer backups.

2) Preserve your plumbing system by::

3) Ensure your home’s exterior is properly protected by inspecting your windows, siding, and roof and making any necessary repairs or updates. This could include something as simple as caulking/sealing your windows or a much larger project like a roof replacement. You’ll also want to make sure:

4) Guard your possessions by storing them in waterproof bins off the floor and away from damp areas and plumbing pipes. Always maintain a list of your items in case they do end up getting damaged by water or mold. This will help in case you need to file an insurance claim!

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