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How We Guide Clients Through The Rebuilding Process

Many of our clients come to us having just experienced a completely unexpected loss. Their home has just been damaged by fire, water, or another catastrophe.

In a situation where a person is already overwhelmed, the last thing they need is to have more decisions on their plate.

On top of our reconstruction services, we offer clients the option to have a Design and Selection Manager (DSM) help them through the rebuilding process.

The DSM helps to alleviate stress by guiding homeowners through the selection process, step-by-step.

Sometimes the client only needs help picking out something simple, like flooring. Other projects are larger and the client needs to rebuild or remodel an entire room, like a kitchen.

In this case, the DSM can help them choose the trim, doors, cabinetry, countertops, hardware, lighting, paint colors, plumbing fixtures, and more.

How It Works

1) The DSM meets with the homeowners to get an understanding of how they utilize the space. To create a space that works for the clients’ lifestyle, the DSM will ask questions like:

2) After the discussion, the DSM will find options that fit the homeowners’ wants and needs. This includes doing research to locate the same (or similar) products to those they used to have or finding new and different options that will still coordinate with the rest of the house.

3) The DSM is upfront about the homeowners’ insurance allowance and provides honest conversations about what’s possible within their overall budget.

Often, clients need to stay strictly within the allowance given to them by their insurance companies, so the DSM works hard to find things that meet both their budget and their preferences.

4) Instead of making multiple trips to different showrooms, clients can visit the selection room at the UNGERMAN office and review a variety of selections in one visit.

We also have the ability to drop off or mail samples in situations where our clients have schedules that make it difficult to meet in person.

5) The DSM keeps the project moving forward. The faster the selections are made, the quicker the job gets completed. The DSM adds to the efficiency of the overall rebuilding process.

About Us

UNGERMAN has the proper certification, training, and vast experience to assess and solve your problems with the highest quality.

We are a one-stop-shop that offers our residential and commercial customers a helping hand and the best restoration, reconstruction, and renovation methods we’ve learned from over 40 years in the business.

UNGERMAN is prepared to expediently, competently, and expertly conduct a damage assessment, mitigation, and restoration.

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