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3 Steps To Prevent Home Flooding When The Snow Melts

Picture of snow melting on a lawn.March is almost here and the temps are rising! It’s nice to finally have warmer weather on the way, but we can’t forget about one potential problem: Flooding.

Snow is inevitable in Minnesota. Unfortunately, so is melting. After winters with heavy snow, melting can be problematic. The water has to go somewhere, and sometimes it decides to go into houses.

Flooding has caused immense property damage to many homes throughout the years. If you’re concerned about this dilemma, here are a few steps you can take to prevent flooding in your home this spring.

1) Remove Snow

Water has to drain properly or it can cause backups and a whole host of problems. Shovel the snow away from gutter spouts and sump pump drains. While you’re at it, it’s a safe idea to clear snow from the perimeter of your home in general. Nothing too extreme, just five-to-ten feet away from the house.

If water tends to pool in certain parts of your yard, don’t be afraid to get creative! Here’s an example: A Minnesota resident had a predicament with his garage flooding last spring.

Picture of a flooded garage after snow melted in the spring.

The solution? He shoveled a river through his yard to divert the water away from his home and drain it into the street!

Picture of a river a person shoveled through their yard to divert flood waters from their house.

2) Prepare Your House

Make sure your sump pump is working (or install one if you don’t have one). Check for cracks and openings in the foundation and patch any up if possible.

If it seems like your house has difficult or severe structural damage, you should contact a professional quickly.

3) Work With Professionals To Repair Excessive Damage

Foundational issues can be difficult to fix on your own. Most people simply don’t have the proper tools and experience to make structural repairs. If you’re looking at your home and you have concerns about potential problem areas, please contact a professional home repair company.

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