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What Are Ice Dams? [And How to Remove Them]

You’ve probably heard about ice dams before, but what are they? Basically, ice dams form when the snow on top of your house melts and the water accumulates at the edge of the roof instead of flowing off of it. The pool freezes and creates a dam, which traps snow and water on the roof. 

Ice dams can be caused by large shifts in temperature that we get so often in Minnesota. We’ll have a day where the temps rise enough to melt snow, followed by a day that’s below zero.

But these dams can also be caused by your house giving off too much heat. If this is the case for your situation, you’ll probably need to improve the insulation or the ventilation in your roof.

How to Remove Ice Dams On Your Roof

Just as snow can cause damage to a roof, so can ice dams. They can create leaks, rip up roof shingles, break off gutters, and more. There are a couple of ways you remove ice dams on your own.

1) Shovel off the entire roof with a roof rake. Yes, all of it. Leaving any snow behind will likely result in an ice dam.

2) Make ice melt socks and place them on top of the ice dams.

These sound simple, but let’s be real here — Working on a roof can be intimidating. If the DIY options aren’t appealing, then you should hire professionals to remove the snow and ice dams. If your home has been damaged by ice and water, we can help you!


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