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Spring Cleaning Tips To Prevent Damage To Your Home

This terrible winter is finally over! The warmer weather has started and we’re finally getting our roads and yards back. This time of the year always feels refreshing and inspires us to get our homes cleaned.

Outside of your standard cleaning tasks, it’s important that you make an effort to prevent damage to your home as a result of the seasonal change and the weather side-effects that come with it. Here are some tips for preventing water, fire, and mold damage.

Spring Cleaning Tips To Prevent Flooding & General Water Damage

Minnesota had a ton of snow this past winter. A record amount of snow, in some places. Now that the snow is melting, we’re finally starting to see our lawns again and it’s very exciting. The problem is that the water from all of that melting has to go somewhere, and unfortunately it could cause water damage and even flooding.

Picture of snow and ice melting.

To prevent water from getting into your home, check out your roof to make sure you’re not missing any shingles and check any vents or windows for damages. In addition, inspect all of your pipes and faucets to ensure they weren’t frozen and ruined over the winter. Finally, check your doors and windows for any cracks or separation.

If you have a basement or crawl space, you’ll want to clean the gutters to allow for proper drainage. Examine your home’s foundation for cracks and use caulking to fill in any problem areas. It may be necessary to fix the grading of your yard that runs alongside your house. This can be accomplished by adding compacted soil to help guide water away from home so it doesn’t pool around the foundation and seep into your basement.

Spring Cleaning Tips To Prevent Fire Damage

It might seem strange, but fires are more likely to happen during the fall and winter months. That being said, fires can happen any time throughout the year. Since you’re already planning on doing spring cleaning, it makes sense to focus some of your attention on preventing fire damage.

The most obvious starting point is to test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and replace the batteries. Next, inspect the chimney to make sure it’s not damaged or clogged. While you can do this yourself, we strongly recommend you hire a certified professional to give it a proper inspection.

Finally, make sure your dryer vent isn’t clogged and clean it out if it is. Clothes dryers can cause fires if they aren’t venting properly.

Spring Cleaning Tips To Prevent Mold Damage

Mold is nasty and could make you sick. Beyond that, mold damage can wreak havoc on your home. With all of the storms and melting snow that come along with the spring season, it’s very easy for mold to grow in damp areas of our homes.

All of our flooding & general water damage tips will assist you in fighting mold growth, but there are a couple more things you should do at a minimum.

Picture of a Moldy Ceiling with Water Dripping

First, dry any wet areas of your home with fans and set up dehumidifiers in areas that are more susceptible to dampness, like the basement. Second, clean your walls with soap and water (if you’re already seeing mild mold growth, bleach mixed with water might be necessary).

There are many other steps you could take to keep mold out of your home, but these two things are a great start that could go a long way when paired with our recommended water removal techniques.

What To Do If You Already Have Damage To Your Home

If you already have damage to your home from water, mold, or fire, you’ll need the help of a certified mitigation and restoration company. But you need to make sure you’re hiring a company with the proper experience and equipment to get the job done right the first time. UNGERMAN is the answer to your water, mold, and fire damage problems.


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