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3 Ways Your Roof Can Be Damaged

Two Men working on steep roof add new shinglesCome springtime, there are many chores to be done. Mowing the lawn, pulling and spraying weeds, cleaning out the basement, to name a few. Lives are busy, and it can be easy to forget about things that don’t require daily or weekly inspection. One aspect of homeownership that often gets forgotten is the roof.

Roofs are easy to miss without making a conscious effort to inspect them. We take them for granted because, usually, they can last about 20-30 years. Out of sight, out of mind might be the default approach a lot of people take, but maintenance is important to have a long-lasting roof.

Here are three ways your roof can be damaged:


These majestic towers of nature provide homeowners with multiple benefits. However, they can also cause damage to your roof. Be it from old age, strong wind, or wear and tear from animals, tree limbs eventually break off and they have to land somewhere.

If the branches land on your roof, it could cause some degree of damage. Lighter branches may cause simple wear and tear, while large limbs may deliver a large impact that needs immediate restoration.


Strong storms can wreak havoc on houses, especially roofs and siding. Wind, rain, and hail can rip up shingles and create holes. Here in Minnesota, ice can be a big problem as well. When water gets under the shingles and freezes, it pushes the shingles up and causes them to shift and break over time. Under the cover of snow and ice, this damage may not be noticed until warm a warm-weather inspection.

There are ways to weather guard your roof, but sometimes the elements will deliver a lot of damage no matter how much you prepare. Check your roof after every major storm and after every winter for signs of impending issues.


Houses give us shelter from the elements and wildlife. When we’re cozy inside, it feels like we’re completely protected from animals. Unfortunately, your home’s exterior is still subject to every critter out there. Rats and squirrels build nests and rip up roof shingles.

If you’re consistently hearing scurrying and crawling noises from your roof, check to make sure animals aren’t causing damage. You might need to set up a trap or hire a service to capture any frequent pests.


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