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MN Property Problems: The Dreaded Frozen Pipes

Picture of a frozen pipe.

This recent winter weather pattern has been incredible! Here in Minnesota, we’ve had a continuous cycle of extreme cold followed by quick warm-ups. But while the warmer temperatures are welcome, they can also mean hidden disasters just waiting to happen.

A Disaster Waiting to Happen

Residential and commercial alike, many folks may find that frozen plumbing lines have remained in a state of a pending disaster. When temps finally do rise enough to thaw, affected water supply lines can suddenly burst.

This allows water to freely flow again right out of the damaged section of line and subsequently saturate interior spaces in very short order causing significant damage.

Frozen Pipes in Residential Homes

One of the most nerve-wracking things a homeowner can face is water damage. It happens so abruptly and can cause a lot of damage in a matter of seconds. Worst of all, the water seems to keep coming and it can be a panicky situation trying to resolve the problem.

Generally, the main culprit behind residential frozen and burst pipes are exterior wall water lines (for example, an outside water spigot supply line) and in some instances lines that run through attic spaces.

To prevent a potential disaster, you’ll want to make sure outdoor water lines (including ones in garages) are fully drained, winterized properly, and sufficiently insulated. Also, check attic spaces to ensure that they are properly insulated and that there are no exposed water lines in this space.

If your home needs water damage from frozen or burst pipes repaired, contact us! We are here to help 24/7.

Frozen Pipes in Commercial Buildings

No business can afford to be suddenly closed for long, unexpected durations, especially these days. While most people trust that their commercial space will stay reliable, the reality is that disasters happen. Commercial properties often have far more water supply sources and much larger handling systems.

Property damage can occur year-round in a variety of ways, but two of the biggest problems that hit commercial buildings unexpectedly occur in the winter and early spring — fire damage and water damage.

Commercial buildings often face water damage from burst pipes as a result of frozen water mains, fire sprinkler systems, and supply lines or heads. If your commercial property gets struck by burst pipes, our commercial mitigation and restoration services can help.

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