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Ungerman’s 6 Steps to Contents Restoration & Management

Fire and water can cause devastating damage to a home. Unfortunately, the destruction isn’t limited to the structure alone. Often, personal items such as clothing, keepsakes and furniture are also affected. But that doesn’t mean these possessions are gone forever.

There are plenty of times when damaged belongings can be salvaged, cleaned and restored. To help people through a very emotional time, Ungerman provides more than just structural repairs. We help our clients by providing contents restoration and storage for:

Our 6 Steps to Contents Restoration

The contents cleaning and restoration room.The process for caring for these precious possessions includes:

When it comes to restoration services, it’s not just about homes—It’s about the lives they contain. We know how important personal property can be with all of the memories attached to them. Our goal is to restore as much of our clients’ worlds as possible and help them move forward in a positive way.

About Us

UNGERMAN is a family-owned company providing full-service mitigation, restoration, reconstruction and renovation. Our mission is to provide our residential and commercial clients with the highest quality of dependable services while carefully managing costs.

We will provide accurate estimates, clear communication, and efficient completion of necessary mitigation and repairs in order to complete projects successfully. Through this process, we will build a solid relationship between the customer, the insurance company and UNGERMAN.

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