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Commercial Services

Commercial Restoration Services

Emergency Power & Lighting

A significant disaster caused by water, fire, or storms can cause power loss and interruption. Restoring power is critical to begin the recovery process and to resume business operation as quickly as possible. UNGERMAN has the resources necessary to provide emergency power and lighting to get operations underway.

Water Extraction & Drying (Building Environmental Stabilization)

Water can cause significant damage in a short amount of time. Getting excess water removed from the structure through extraction and drying processes will ensure that damage incurred will not worsen. Whether the loss is large or small, proper mitigation techniques are required. This may include the use of conventional refrigerant or large commercial desiccant dehumidifiers. UNGERMAN staff is IICRC certified in water mitigation and are experts in employing proper techniques to restore commercial property damaged by water.

Board-up and Temporary Roofing

Fire, storms, wind or vandalism can all compromise the integrity of a building’s exterior structure. Quickly employing temporary repairs is essential to minimize additional damage and for safety concerns. UNGERMAN’s staff is available 24/7/365 to provide emergency repairs to damaged property.

Fire – Smoke & Soot Cleaning/Deodorization

Smoke and soot as a result of fire damage can be widespread and extensive. Odor, air quality, corrosion, and soiling are all negative effects of fire damage. Identifying all areas affected and employing proper cleaning and deodorization techniques is critical to mitigate and minimize further damage to structure and property. UNGERMAN’s staff is IICRC certified in Fire & Smoke damage mitigation and are experts in restoring damaged commercial property.

Demolition & Debris Removal

When damage is extensive, demolition of interior or exterior structure and finishes may be necessary to facilitate proper restoration of the remaining salvageable structure. Understanding building structure is critical to successful demolition. UNGERMAN is an expert in building and construction and will provide the right solutions when demolition is necessary.

Mold (Microbial) Remediation

Mold damage can be difficult to define and can involve many various factors. Identifying the source and knowing the species present are only a partial solution in microbial remediation. Often times involving a licensed industrial hygienist is necessary to determine the various factors involved and preparing a proper scope of work to be performed. UNGERMAN partners with expert resources that provide the crucial information needed to properly remediate microbial damage.

Corrosion Control

In the event of a fire loss that has produced a heavy volume of smoke and soot, emergency corrosion control is vital to preventing damage to valuable tools, machinery and other facility contents that could be impacted by flash rusting. UNGERMAN will identify, prioritize and apply protection to susceptible items.

Machinery & Industrial Equipment Restoration

For many businesses, machinery and production equipment are the lifeblood of operation and revenue. Replacement values can be extraordinarily high and some items can be difficult to source and replace, if at all. Time is of the essence in returning a business to operation. UNGERMAN has professional resources that are able to restore and repair valuable machinery and equipment on or off-site.

Electronic Restoration & Data Recovery

Electronics and data are crucial to the daily function of a business. Data can be irreplaceable if it cannot be recovered. Office electronics are numerous and valuable. UNGERMAN has the professional resources that are able to restore and repair electronics as well as recovering data if necessary.

Document, Book & Media Restoration

Paper documents, books, and media retain crucial information and retention is often required for legal purposes. Damage caused by water or fire can seem detrimental. In many cases, damage can be mitigated and documents, books, and media can be restored successfully. Time is of the essence and expert techniques must be employed quickly. UNGERMAN has the professional resources necessary to provide restoration of documents, books, and media of any quantity.

Art Restoration

Commercial properties often contain art as decoration or for display in the form of paintings, sculptures, pottery and more. In many cases, these items are valuable or potentially irreplaceable. Damage caused by water, fire, smoke, or soot can be mitigated successfully with expert resources and techniques. UNGERMAN has the qualified expert resources available to restore these items.

Re-construction & Remodeling

In many if not most cases, the resulting damage from water, fire or storms will require some extent of repair. UNGERMAN has the expert staff and sub-contract resources necessary to repair all type of commercial property for both interior and exterior damages. In certain cases, damaged property requiring repair may present an opportunity to remodel. UNGERMAN is an expert at remodeling any property and can bring your ideas to design and life.

Xactimate Estimating

When damages are not significant or when requested, UNGERMAN can utilize the Xactimate estimating software platform to satisfy your claims needs.

Time & Material Estimating

Larger more complex damage and losses require a more detailed accounting. When this is the case, UNGERMAN has Time and Material software that can be utilized to satisfy the needs of a large project or claim.

Estimating & Project Management 

Every loss that UNGERMAN undertakes is assigned to one of our knowledgeable Estimators and Project Managers to see through to successful completion. No matter the scope, size or complexity of loss, UNGERMAN has the staff resources to meet any commercial challenge.

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