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Commercial Emergency Contingency Planning

Does your business have emergency contingency planning in place?  What will your business do if a major property damage situation occurs? What if your business has a fire, a large water damage situation?  Though these scenarios are seldom on the forefront of our mind in our day to day business dealings, they are all too much a reality.  Take this scenario for instance.

During third shift operations at an equipment manufacturing facility, a piece of equipment fails and overheats.  Fire and flames are not an issue, however electrical wiring within the machine overheats and smolders.  This causes just enough smoke within the facility to activate the fire suppression system.  Now, water from multiple sprinkler heads are dousing other non-affected equipment causing additional equipment damage and wide spread flooding.  At this point, all operations are ceased. 

What is the first order of business?  Of course, ensuring that all personnel are safely evacuated!  Next calling emergency help.  Then?  How do we get our business back up and running!  Very seldom can a business afford to be down for any extended period of time. Customer orders need to be filled, production deadlines need to be met, etc.  Thankfully, most insurance policies include business interruption coverage, though there is usually a cap limit.

Having a complete emergency contingency plan should include having a professional restoration resource at the ready to swiftly begin restoration and recovery.  Knowing in advance that your restoration vendor is one call away to begin the recovery process can be peace of mind.  Consider this another form of insurance.  Swift and professional disaster mitigation will minimize downtime and also minimize clean-up and repair costs.

If your business does not include a restoration vendor resource, don’t wait until an emergency happens.  Be prepared, partner with a resource now and have peace of mind that you will have professional help should you ever have an emergency.  Ungerman Inc. is such a resource that you can count on to be there 24/7/365 in the event of an emergency commercial property damage, whether it is water, fire or storm related.  Ungerman provides free emergency contingency consultation and preferred customer agreements.  Contact us at 612-825-2800 to schedule your free consultation and have peace of mind that you can recover from a disaster.