Ice & Snow Damage

A Minnesota Challenge for Property Owners

Ice dams are a major problem associated with ice and snow back up. Ice dams can create water leaks that destroy insulation and cause damage on ceilings and walls. It doesn’t matter if your structure is new or old. You can experience problems.
An ice dam usually begins with variable temperatures on your roof. The warm spots melt the snow from the underside of the roof. The water runs down the roof until it hits a cold part which is usually on the edge and freezes there. This frozen water results in a dam which can back up under the shingles and leak into your home causing damage.
Two ways to eliminate this problem is to insure that the roof temperature remains universally cold and/or remove the snow. Shoveling snow off of your roof is extremely dangerous and can damage shingles. Raking it off isn’t much better. Specially designed roof rakes can help if you are very careful, but it doesn’t eliminate the uneven temperatures of your roof.
Ice and Snow Services:
  • We can remove your snow and ice to prevent further damage on the interior of your home.
  • We can assist you with properly ventilating your home to help prevent further damage.
  • We can open up the wet areas to assist in the dry out.
  • We can repair the damage that has already been done to your home.