Water Damage

Water is the most common cause of property damage.

“We want you to know how delighted and impressed we were with all the people at Ungerman who helped to rebuild our home after the basement and main floors suffered extensive water damage.  Without exception, workers made every effort to accommodate our schedules for meetings, to respect our requests, and to consult us often on the project.”  Lindsay S., South
When water damage occurs, it is important you locate a company that is well-trained and has the proper equipment to find the problem and completely dry out your home or business. UNGERMAN is a full service restoration company and has the proper certification and restoration training to assess and solve your problems. We offer our customers a helping hand and the best reconstruction methods that over 35 years in the business has taught us.
Water damage is illusive. Timely mitigation will keep contamination to an absolute minimum. Water will travel throughout a structure by following the path of least resistance. Water damage can be seen with your eyes, however, water damage can also be hidden in areas where your eyes can’t see. UNGERMAN will help determine the source of the water damage and seek a solution to find and eliminate problem areas. Our vast experience will allow us to get to the heart of your water damage. To learn more about water damage, go to Water Damage Basics.
Timely mitigation will keep contamination to an absolute minimum.

Water Damage services

Types of Water Damage