Insurance Claim Information

“As a first time homeowner with my first insurance claim, you made me feel at ease and the quality of work was amazing!”  Katie W., Eden Prairie

We have the experience to be your best advocate

Everyone benefits when the policyholder, insurance company and restoration company maintain the obligation to deal fairly, provide quality service, use ethical practices and work together to achieve the best outcomes.

UNGERMAN is a leader in the restoration field.  We have worked with many insurance companies, adjusters and management companies.  We will use our expertise to guide you through the claims process if you have insurance.
Water damage, storm damage, fire damage, mold removal and other specialty cleaning services demand specialized methods to ensure your home, business and personal property are returned to their pre-loss condition.  It is important to know what your policy covers when you sustain a loss.
First, it is important to know what your policy covers.  You are the policy holder so it is important that you hold your company to the obligations under the policy you chose and purchased.
From the moment of arrival, UNGERMAN will document the damage to your property and work hard to ensure accurate compensation for your loss by communicating with your insurance company.
Here are some things to consider:
  • You may begin, and be compensated for, emergency measures you take to make your property protected from additional damage.  You have an obligation to do so under the terms of your policy. The insurance company may not be liable for additional expenses if you fail to provide such initial protection.
  • If you have adequate coverage you are entitled to be paid for the fair cost of fully restoring your home to its pre-loss condition.
  • It is your right to hire and demand a fully licensed contractor of good reputation to repair the damages you sustained.
  • UNGERMAN uses the Xactimate Estimating Program that is standard in the industry to provide you with an equitable estimate for your loss.
  • You may need to move out of your home during the restoration process.  Your insurance agent or adjuster should communicate the terms of your compensation for this.

“Everyone at Ungerman was great to work with, the whole process was smooth and hassle free and I have let my insurance company know my appreciation.”   Ken A., Chanhassen