Fire & Smoke Damage

Disaster can strike anytime and anywhere

“The quality and pride in the work that you demonstrated in our house amazes me every time I walk into our home. It is encouraging to see that people can take such care in their work! It encourages me to try to do the same in what I do. Thank you many times over!”  Mike, Forest Lake

If you are one of those affected by a fire you will need to know the process for immediately handling the situation. UNGERMAN is a full service restoration company, has the knowledge, products, and equipment to assist you in initial process and the multiple decisions you have ahead.
First, we will assess what type of smoke has caused the damage (see fire/soot residues). UNGERMAN uses safe and specialized deodorizing techniques that will reach into small areas to neutralize odors. If necessary we have ozone generators for the removal of smoke odors and germs without damaging your belongings.
Fire/Smoke damage services:
UNGERMAN has spent over 35 years perfecting our soot damage cleanup, fire cleanup and smoke odor removal. We are experienced in hard surface cleaning techniques for wall, floors, cabinetry, appliances and many other specialized items. We also have the know-how to attack smoke odors hidden in soft surfaces such as carpets, clothing and furniture upholstery.
Our fire and smoke technicians understand the effects of heat, smoke, and residues left behind from a tragedy. Mitigating the loss immediately, can help save the insured personal effects. To learn more go to Fire and Soot Residues.